Massage & Aromatherapy body care with essential oils and herbal formulas - in Charlotte NC | Carolina Thai Healing

Essential Oil Inhalers are your personal breath of fresh air.

Each inhaler is a combination of therapeutic grade essential oils custom blended help ease the various discomforts of allergies. Choose from:

  • I Don't Have Thyme for Allergies! 
  • Get up & GO!
  • Heatlhy Travels

Herbal Goodness

My favorite addition to Thai massage is a well-made herbal compress. I have been studying with my teacher to create these gems for you! They are my favorite Sunday project. I love shopping at the various Asian and Indian grocery stores in town to find the perfect ingredients. I seem to find an extra treat every time - delicious  dragon fruit, fresh aloe vera leaves, giant jack fruit ... the exploration is endless.

Join me on an herbal adventure -